The Simplicity Show Ep. 20: Would You Rather??

This week we make amends for putting our teammates on the spot and answer Would You Rather..? questions 'live on air'.

It's a great time to learn more about us, feel awkward as we overshare, and (most importantly) find out where YOU can see the video that inspired it all.

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Life Lessons from the Avengers

This week we’re jumping in to possibly our favorite topic of all time - the Avengers.

Is this just a chance for us to nerd out on the MCU? Are there actual real life lessons can we learn from them? You have to listen to learn, Friend.


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Barb, Kylie, and Damion's Story

When we announced our Housewarming Party giveaway in January of 2018, we were really excited to see what would happen. After all, it was the first time we’d done this kind of thing, and there were SO MANY unknowns. Would people pay attention, would they share their stories, would someone PLEASE give us a chance to throw a party where we needed to rent tuxedos?

It turns out the answers to those questions are, in order, Yes, Yes, and Not Yet (but we haven’t given up hope).

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Simplicity Support Report - April 2019

Community support is crazy important to us and we're proud of the things we do to help local organizations and our communities that help make our world a better place. Since we know that stuff is important to you too, we thought "jeez, people might like to know about all of that stuff so they can be a part of the goodness that is community support". So, here we are, letting you know! Please join us or let us know if you'd like to get involved in any of these awesome opportunities. Cheers!

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Why Change Our Website?

Our webpage isn’t just a place to dig around and find some cool and useful information. You come there to GET. THINGS. DONE. Right?

Of course!

So, we’re redesigning our navigation to help simplify that whole Getting-Things-Done process for you.

Read on to get the deets! 

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The Simplicity Show Ep. 15: Erin & Chris Howard

We hope you're not too tired of us bragging about the amazing people we get to work with because we're coming your way with another great example. In this episode of The Simplicity Show, we had some quality time with our friends Erin and Chris Howard, owners of Howard Properties in Marshfield, WI. 

The Howards are more than just great landlords, they're visionary property developers, community volunteers, and evangelists for a better Downtown America, wherever you are. 


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