Saving with peace of mind

Simplicity Share Certificates are a great short-term investment product that will yield more than a regular savings account. Our Share Certificates pay a certain dividend if held for a specific period or term. Share Certificate may be a good investment choice for you if:

  • You don't need access to your money right now (the longer the term, the higher the rate)
  • You want to calculate your expected earnings at the outset of the investment
  • You want a federally insured investment product with a guaranteed rate of return
  • You can meet the minimum opening balance requirement

Share Certificates

Term Minimum Deposit Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Dividend Paid
6 Month $500 3.00% 3.04% APY Monthly
12 Month $500 3.75% 3.80% APY Quarterly
24 Month $500 4.00% 4.06% APY Quarterly
36 Month $500 3.75% 3.80% APY Quarterly
48 Month $500 3.50% 3.55% APY Quarterly
60 Month $500 3.40% 3.44% APY Quarterly
7 Month Special $500 4.00% 4.06% APY Quarterly
19 Month Special $500 4.35% 4.42% APY Quarterly
11 Month Special $500 5.00% 5.09% APY Quarterly

Dividends may be added to your certificate, deposited to your Simplicity Credit Union savings account, or mailed to you. Automatic renewal at the current rate. Ten-day grace period at maturity to make changes without loss of dividend. Dividend paid to maturity date if withdrawn within ten days after maturity. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.