Our Current Hours and Services

Because you’re a part of the Simplicity Family, we want to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in our team. We'll be updating this page each Wednesday by 3pm CST with the latest news and information for our members, friends, and neighbors. 

Our Hours of Operation:

Important Update: As an essential business, we’ll remain open with drive-thru access and continue to handle inquiries and transactions through our drive-thrus, by phone, email, and text. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to protect the health of our members and team.

As of Wednesday, March 18th, 2020, all Simplicity CU locations, including our branches and Mortgage Centers, will close to lobby traffic until further notice to protect the health of our members and team.

Locations with drive-up access will continue to handle inquiries and transactions through those drive-ups only.


We're committed to serving you, and we're glad to be able to offer many of the things you need online.

  • Deposit checks through your online banking.
  • Send money to friends, family, and others through your online banking with SimpliP2P.
  • We can process most documents where we need your signature online through Docusign.
  • Our night drops, located in our drive-ups, allow you to get money into your account within 24 hours.
  • Our ATMs are up and running for cash withdrawals.
  • See our drive-up hours here.
  • Find partner ATM locations in the Alliance One ATM network.
  • Reorder checks here.
  • Need to process coin? Find a coinstar kiosk here.

Regular Updates

Update April 1st

Two full weeks into the Simplicity Team’s all-hands-washed-and-on-deck response, we’re grateful to have positive news to share.

  • Enormous thanks to our members and anyone who’s called, emailed, or visited our branches. We’re grateful that everyone has stayed calm, careful, and patient with us. There will probably still be some bumps in the road, but we’re here for the ride if you’ll stay with us.
  • It may not sound too positive at first, but you’re probably seeing a wave of news about scams related to this crisis. We have this great resource to share and are happy to say that the media attention to the possibilities of fraud seems to be helping protect your cash. Stay vigilant and keep your hard-earned money!
  • As our friends, members, and fans settle in at home, here are some useful links you can spend time with:
    • Check out our video tutorials to help you (or your loved ones) use our online services smarter.
    • Hungry for more learning? Our partners at Banzai have an awesome selection of courses to help you manage a crisis. Check them out here.
    • We’ve been sharing a (literal) ton of positive vibes over on social media. Check out our Facebook feed, like our page, and stay up-to-date on the whole Simplicity Family.

Update March 27th

The Simplicity Team has been responding to a lot of calls, emails, and texts from members that have either already experienced a layoff or think they may. Knowing your options will help you sleep better at night so we want to hear from you if you need us.

Call or text our Member Service Team at 844.769.2667 or email info@simplicity.coop so we can get you connected with the right expert to help you.

Update March 26th

One quick update today. We’ve updated a document we shared earlier this week for our Spanish speaking members and  it includes all of the same resources, with those that are available in Spanish.

You can find it here:

Lista de Recursos para utilizar durante la epidemia del Coronavirus (COVID - 19)

Update March 25th

Hi there! It’s the first time that we don’t have an update to share. It feels great to take a minute and have time to adjust to the current ‘normal’, so that’s what we’d encourage you to do today if you can.

If you have questions for the Simplicity Team, you can reach us by email at info@simplicity.coop or call 844.769.2667 (Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm). We’re here to help!

Update March 24th

  • Now that official word on the Safer at Home Order in Wisconsin is available, we can share this link so you can see all of the details. We’re glad we’ll be able to keep helping you.
  • We’re also excited to announce YOUR access to FREE financial education for all ages with help from our friends at Banzai. If you’re using some of your time at home to get your budget in order, learn how to plan for retirement, or help teach your kids some great money habits, check out all of the amazingly useful articles, courses, and coaches now.

Update March 23rd

The Simplicity CU Team has been watching developments carefully and working together to make sure we’re ready to respond and help our members as things change.

  • We have a document you can download with useful links including how you can find the latest updates from the State and Federal government. We’ll be adding this same document in Spanish soon!
  • With the news of the #SaferAtHome order from Governor Evers today, our team has fielded a lot of concerned questions about whether we’ll remain open. Financial Institutions are on the list of ‘Essential Businesses’ so we’ll still be here to help. We’ll be sharing information from the State of Wisconsin as soon as it’s available.

Update March 20th

As this week winds down and people across the country are adjusting to working from home and all of the adjustments we’re experiencing right now, we want to leave you for the week with a couple of things to think about.

  • Don’t panic, but do be on the lookout for scams. Check out this article from NBC News for a ton of good info and examples of what to watch for.
  • Spend some time thinking about who you’re grateful for this weekend. Shout out to our PHENOMENAL IT Team for shifting into overdrive to make sure the whole Simplicity Family can be safe and keep working hard!

Update March 19th

The Simplicity Team is continuing to pull together resources that will help our friends and neighbors.

Update March 18th

We’re happy to say that we only have good news to share today from the Simplicity Team.

  • Today was our first day of all drive-thru service and we’re sincerely grateful to our members for being so patient and understanding. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for being awesome!
  • Thank you to our team for being so amazingly flexible. The Simplicity Team is keeping the drive-thru running like clockwork, fielding calls, lending, processing, and just generally working hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need.
  • The final piece of good news is that your money is safe with us and it’s here when you need it.

It’s natural to feel stressed about the future, but we’re here, and backed by the NCUA, to protect your hard-earned cash.

Update March 17th

As the Simplicity Team is preparing for major changes in where and how we’re working today, we’re continuing to look ahead, plan, and respond.

  • Our Lending Team is still here to help. Apply online, call, or text to learn how you can get the loan you need from wherever you are.
  • All Simplicity CU events scheduled for the remainder of March will be canceled and rescheduled for another date. This includes:
    • Our Homebuyer’s Seminar at our Hoover Road location on March 24th
    • And the Simplicity Summit at the Neillsville Country Club on March 26th
  • Because direction from the CDC has changed so rapidly over the past days, we have chosen not to set a target date for resuming our regular office operations yet. As soon as that time seems clear and reliable, we’ll communicate it here.

Update March 16th

The news has moved quite quickly today and our team is working hard to continue to respond as things have changed. There are a few pieces of information we think will be helpful for you right now. 

For Our Members:

We love the chance to see you face-to-face and appreciate the time we get to spend with you. To make sure we all continue to have that opportunity long into the future, we’d ask that you plan to limit your visits to our branches as much as possible. There are a number of different ways you can still get your important financial business done:

  • Effective 3/16/2020 we will be waiving our usual phone transfer free until further notice. If you are unable to or choose not to visit a branch our Member Service Team can help you, by phone during our regular hours, at 844.769.2667.
  • If you’re not already an Online or Mobile banking user, you can register from your PC or Mobile device from anywhere by verifying some basic information. If you’re a new user, our Member Service Center is here to help you feel confident and get the information you need.

For Our Team:

We believe that it’s especially important we focus on the physical and emotional well-being of the Simplicity Team so they can continue to take care of their loved ones, our members, and our communities. We’re closely monitoring the guidance from the CDC and other developments and expect that our response will continue to evolve as time passes.

  • As you can imagine, we’re asking that members of the Simplicity Team continue to practice good hygiene and keep their workspaces clean throughout the day. We have also instituted many additional cleaning procedures for our offices.
  • All members of the team that can work remotely have been asked to do so. For those teammates that need to be in our offices, we’ve encouraged them to stay home if they or someone in their home is sick and are putting measures in place to ensure they have available time off to make that possible. 

As the situation progresses, we’ll continue to update our plans to ensure we’re taking care of our team and serving the needs of our members in the best way possible. To find the latest info, check back here or follow us on social media for updates.

Thank you, Simplicity Family, for your support and understanding in the face of this unprecedented moment in our history. As we take care of ourselves and others, we’re confident that we’ll emerge stronger and more united.

Your friends on the Simplicity Team