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Here's some helpful information to simplify the mortgage process and help you achieve your personal and financial goals. We're here to help you find the right loan for your home needs! 

Prequalify for a loan as soon as the same day you apply!

Mortgage Basics

First things first: let’s start with a simple definition, ok?

What is a mortgage?
The quick answer is that it’s an agreement between you and a lender that they’ll give you the money to pay for a property and you’ll pay them back over time with interest.

What are the different types of mortgage loans?
There are different funding types like Conventional Mortgages and Mortgages funded by VA (Veteran’s Administration), FHA (Federal Housing Administration), USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Rural Development You also have options like a fixed rate vs. an adjustable rate loan.

Preparing to Purchase

What information do you need for your application?

  • Personal information:
    • Your full legal name
    • Your current address and previous address if you’ve been there less than 2 years
    • Your Social Security Number
    • Your Date of Birth
    • Information about your dependents
  • Employment information for the last 2 years
  • College transcripts (if graduated in the last two years)
  • Income information
    • Is it stable and consistent
    • Two years tax returns if self-employed
    • Most recent paystubs with YTD earnings
    • Last two years W2's

Find The Right Home For You

1. First, choose your Realtor
2. Know what to consider when choosing the right home for you
3. Make an offer (and your realtor will help)

For more details, check out our Homebuyer Handbook.

Closing Day

  • Confirm closing location and time
  • Review closing documents with your lender
  • What is needed: ID (driver’s license) and closing funds in a cashier’s check
  • After closing, transfer utilities into your name

Tips for Homeowners

  • Create a maintenance plan
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Rebuild your savings
  • Anticipate your mortgage payment may increase due to adjustment of taxes, homeowners insurance, or loan program like adjustable rate loans

Mortgage Promotions

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Lock & Shop!

Lock a great rate and shop for your perfect home with Simplicity CU

It's simple1:
1. Apply for your pre-approval.
2. Get the rate that works for you and lock it in for 90 days.
3. Take the time you need to shop for your next home.

1Mortgage loans are subject to credit approval and membership eligibility is required. A variety of rates and terms are available. Simplicity Credit Union offers options through: Downpayment Plus® is provided by Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Association (WHEDA), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Stop Dreaming and Start Living

Downpayment Plus®2

Through the Downpayment Plus®2 Program, up to $10,0003 may be available to eligible homebuyers to use towards down payment and closing costs. Ask one of our loan officers today about to see if you are eligible.

2Downpayment Plus® program funds ar elimited and controlled by a number of program parameters. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all qualified prospective buyers will be able to gain access to the program. Grants will be awarded to qualified applicants statewide on a first-come, first-served basis.

3Amount accurate as of 1/1/2024. See > Homebuyers' for more information. Amount subject to change. 

Rate% Drop Guarantee

Rate% Drop Guarantee

Our members are guaranteed a refinance if rates drop by 1% within 18 months of their 1st mortgage loan with Simplicity.

4Rate Drop Guarantee applies to in-house loans only. Mortgage loans are subject to credit approval and membership eligibility is required. A variety of rates and terms are available. 

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Additional rates and terms are available. All standard closing costs apply. Personal & Mortgage loan options with multiple rates & terms available. Membership eligibility is required and loans must meet our standard underwriting guidelines. 
Equal Housing Opportunity. NMLS # 691144.