If you're new to Simplicity, or have not yet signed up for Online Banking, it’s easy!

  1. At the top of the site, near the Login fields, click on "Register", you'll need your member number and some personal information.
  2. Once you’re in, you’ll verify your information, accept the terms of service and choose your own login information.

Yes, we offer online banking for free to our members. It allows you to view all your accounts 24/7/365. You can also access your account through our mobile banking options by downloading one of our apps. Visit our online banking page for more information.

The online banking login is located in the upper right corner of our website. Once you've enrolled, you'll use your username and the password you selected to log in. Upon logging in, you'll be asked to change your password to something only you know and set your enhanced login security preferences.

Username: (not case-sensitive)
Your new unique username must be at least six characters long.

Password: (case-sensitive)

  • Must be between 8 and 20 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 number
  • Must contain a minimum of 1 lower case character
  • Must contain a minimum of 1 upper case character
  • Must contain a minimum of 1 special character
  • May not be the same as last 2 passwords
  • May not be the same as current password

For more information about the online banking login process, contact us.

There are a few things that are helpful to have in place when using online banking. It is recommended to be using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Macintosh OS X. It is helpful to be using a browser that will support it as well. Visit our online banking page for more information on browser recommendations.

The issue may be that third party cookies are disabled in your browser.  Enable third party cookies and try logging in again.

Click the Forgot Password link to the right of the login. You will be directed to enter your Login ID/Username.

Simplicity Credit Union regularly monitors and tests browsers and operating systems to ensure the highest security standards. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. 

Compatible browsers:

  • Firefox, version 4+
  • Chrome, version 10+
  • Safari, version 5+

Other browsers may be used; however, some features may not function properly. For maximum security, always use the latest version of a browser.

Yes, in multiple sizes! Each listed with yearly fee, 3X5: $25.00 | 3X10: $35.00 | 5X10: $65.00 | 10X10: $85.00

If you're having suspicious activity on your account or need to report fraud, don't wait, give us a call at 844.769.2667 or contact us

Check out this blog post with more information on fraud