John Nadolney - Certified Financial Counselor

"In today’s world, money can be one of the scariest monsters out there. We want to help arm you with tools and support so you can conquer that fear and take control of your financial life.”


Be sure to bring the following items to your personalized budget session:

  • Amounts of all your take-home income (paystubs are helpful but not required)
  • A list of all your bills to include: required payment, total balance, amount past due and interest rate (helpful but not required)
  • A good idea of your other monthly expenses (food, gas, clothing and uniforms, etc.) that aren’t billed but have to be paid
  • I would be happy to review a copy of your credit report if you bring one in

Another option to help you on your financial journey is to reach out to GreenPath Financial Wellness. They can help you with budgeting, debt repayment, and much more!