Investing in Our Future

Our kids are the future, and we believe that financial literacy remains a key ingredient to their success.

We offer several financial literacy programs to students of all ages, from Pre K to graduating seniors.  We also have in-school branches at the following locations:

  • Nasonville Elementary School
  • Marshfield High School
  • Stevens Point Area Senior High
  • Loyal Middle School

Ramsey Education

Simplicity CU has been sponsoring Marshfield Alternative High School for the Ramsey Education program since 2019. 

“Here at Alternative High School in Marshfield, WI, we have been using the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance for several years. Last year, we began using the streaming version available to the students on their iPads. Although we watched the streaming videos as a class on a large flat screen TV, as the teacher, I often paused the video, so we could have a discussion of the topics discussed. Students heard the message loud and clear about not going into debt. I have had a couple of students say they paid cash for their cars. I had one student break up with his girlfriend after she wouldn’t pay off her credit card and kept using it. I also played a few clips from the bonus material about a couple who lived above a garage for a few years after first being married and paid cash for their house. All the stories are very inspiring. Thanks for all you do Team Dave! My husband and I even did our own Debt Free Scream in front of our 4 adult children in December 2019. I hope this inspires them to live a debt free life style too. I know 3 out of the 4 of them are heading into life debt free, and have all graduated from college. Thanks to Simplicity Credit Union for being our sponsor! Foundations is changing lives.”
— Sara Kruger, Marshfield Alternative High School


Biz Kid$ is an educational television show that teaches financial education and entrepreneurship to a preteen audience. It uses sketch comedy and young actors to explain basic economic concepts. 


It can be difficult to find useful and engaging programs to use in your classroom, especially when budgets don't allow for it. Here's a fresh idea: meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engages teenagers and doesn't cost a dime. That's Banzai.