So Many Dates!

The work to bring you a newer, cooler online banking platform is marching on and we’re back with some dates you’ll want to know. (If you missed the announcement about our new online banking, you can see it on our June Blog).

Because of all the great services inside our current online banking, there are a few steps you’ll see below that might not apply to you at all. If you don’t use a specific feature, no worries, you can skip over that info. (Unless of course it peaks your interest and you want to TRY something new, in that case give us a call for more details!)

First the big, broad strokes everyone needs to know:

We’ll be turning off the current online banking at 6:00 pm on August 4th and we expect our new and improved online banking to be ready to roll by the time we open our doors August 8th at the latest. Technology can be a finicky thing, though, so we will shoot out a notice as soon as possible if those times change.

What does that mean? Good Question! It means that you’ll be able to see your accounts online on our old system for the last time in the afternoon on the 4th and you’ll have access not only to your accounts but all of the great new features once we’re back up and running by the 8th.

July 24th – New registration for Online Banking and Bill Pay will be disabled until our new systems are operational.

What does that mean? Instead of setting up new users on the old services, and then changing everything (which would be a pain for them), we’ll be holding off on new requests for Online Banking and Bill Pay until our new services are up and running.

July 24th – The Ebills link in Bill Pay will be disabled and paper bills will resume.

What does that mean? Anyone who’s been receiving Ebills from their payees in Bill Pay will go back to receiving a paper statement instead starting on this date.

The great news is that when you set up electronic billing up our new system you might find that you can set up even more payees than before!

July 31st – Our Mobile App will be disabled but online banking access will continue to be available through the website.

What does that mean? Because a new online banking system means a new app, our old app will stop working. Never fear, you will still be able to get to your account information from the browser on your smart phone or tablet, it’s at the top of our home page. You can also always logon from your laptop or a pc in a pinch.

July 31st – The ability to schedule new recurring and future dated transfers in online banking will be disabled.

What does this mean? You’ll still be able to do quick transfers and if you have scheduled transfers you’ve already set up, those will continue to work. The one thing you won’t be able to do is set up new scheduled transfers.

August 1st – The Bill Pay button within the online banking will be disabled.

What does that mean? Things are really moving now! To get your payees and account information moved over so it can all be there for you when we go live, we’ll be shutting down Bill Pay at this time. The button to get to it within online banking may still be there, it just won’t take you anywhere.

August 4th – The final Bill Pay payments will be processed from the old system.

What does that mean? This is the last date any payments set up to come from your Bill Pay account will be processed on the old system. Any payments scheduled to send after this date will come from our new online bill pay system.

We expect that any of your scheduled payments will transfer neatly over, but we should say that it’s a great idea – especially if you have something scheduled to go after the 4th of August – to logon as soon as you’re able after the new online banking is available and ensure that your payments are set up the way you expect them to be.

Pfffeww! If you have read all the way to this point, thank you! We really appreciate you taking the time to be informed on this project and how these changes are going to affect you.

There is more information to come, please check back here in our blog or go to our Help Center for more updates.