What's Happenin':

Important Dates

June 30th, 2017

Purchase Rewards will be disabled. Your final rewards payment will be sent in the end of July.

July 24th, 2017

The Ebills link in Bill Pay will be disabled and paper bills will resume.

July 24th, 2017

New registration for Online Banking and Bill Pay will be disabled until our new systems are operational.

July 31st, 2017

Our Mobile App will be disabled but online banking access will continue to be available through the website.

July 31st, 2017

The ability to schedule new recurring and future dated transfers in online banking will be disabled.

August 1st, 2017

The Bill Pay button within the online banking will be disabled.

August 4th, 2017

  • The final Bill Pay payments will be processed from the old system
  • Starting at 4pm CST Shared Branching and Shared Branch Call Center will be disabled
  • Starting at 6pm CST  our current Online Banking will be turned off

August 7th, 2017

iPay (the new bill payment system) will go live.

August 8th, 2017

All services are expected to be up and running no later than open of business. Check here for updates!


There will be a 3-5 business day interruption of Quicken Express Web Connect, QuickBooks Online, MINT to complete the conversion process. Click here for instructions on how to retain your historical data and upload it after the conversion.

Need More Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of great reasons to switch to a new platform for online banking, but the BIG ONE is that we want you to have an awesome online experience. We did a lot of research into what products were available in the marketplace, the features you just can’t live without, and how we could get the best for your money (because we’re a Credit Union and always want to invest your money wisely).

What they found was a platform that’s easy to use, easy to customize, has the features you’ve been asking for, and maybe even does things that you won’t know you need until you see how useful they are.

With this upgrade, we’re moving from one online banking service provider to another. The downtime we’re planning gives us time for:

  1. Our former provider time to provide us their final data
  2. Our new provider to move that data to into their system
  3. Our dedicated team to review things and make sure everything looks and works as it should before we open it up for you to login

It’s important to us that we make your first experience with our new platform a great one, so we’ve planned enough time to troubleshoot anything that might pop up during conversion. But rest assured, we’ve done a lot of testing and are confident that our new online banking vendor is going to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

It’s likely that it’s due to an upgrade to our processing system. In general, you should be able to use your card at most stores without any issue but we’re aware this can happen in some cases.

The store’s card processing company may be getting an error when trying to connect with our system which will cause your card to decline.

We suggest you use an ATM to withdraw funds to make your purchase because your card will not work at that store until the upgrade is complete on Monday morning August 7th.

It’s easy!

  1. Go to the homepage of Simplicity.coop
  2. At the top near the Login fields, click on "Register", you'll need your member number and some personal information.
  3. Once you’re in, you’ll verify your information, accept the terms of service and choose your own login information.

No sweat! You’ll start wherever you’re used to logging in – either at the homepage of our website from your browser or on the new mobile app once you’ve downloaded it.

  1. Enter your current Username and Password and click “Login”
  2. Select a way to get your access code then enter that code to verify your identity
  3. Update your password (you can use the same password if it meets the new requirements, but this is a good time to pick something a little more secure too!)
  4. Review and accept the Online Access Agreement and Disclosures

And that’s it, you’re in and ready to roll!

You can do that in a few easy clicks!

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Select “Security Preferences”
  4. Select “Change Password”

If you’ve forgotten your Password and can’t login, just enter your Username, select “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts to reset it.

You can do that in a few easy clicks!

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Select “Themes”
  4. Select “Large Font”