Our Marshfield Mortgage Team is Moving Home

Our Mortgage Team has moved around a few times: from our branch at Upham, to just across the way in the Central City Plaza, and then into the newly remodeled Mortgage Center at the Thomas House in 2018. All the while working hard to help our members buy their homes sweet homes.

Well, after all that traveling, we’re excited to say that the Simplicity Marshfield Mortgage Team is coming home again. They’ll be moving back to our 222 E. Upham Branch in early February of 2024!

Our Marshfield Mortgage Team’s move will mean some changes in where you find them and where other members of the Simplicity Team call home, so read on for more details, ok?

Why is the Mortgage Team moving?

We’re glad you asked! The Simplicity Team works really hard to deliver the right help at the right time for our members, friends, and neighbors. And that takes a healthy dose of collaboration across the credit union.

Getting those teams under one roof will make collaboration smoother and give our members the convenience of getting more done in one place.  

I’ve applied for a mortgage or have a closing scheduled in February; how will I know where to go?

No worries at all. Your loan officer or someone else from our team will let you know where to meet for your appointment and, if the location of your appointment changes, someone will be in touch in plenty of time to let you know.

If you’re still a little nervous that you won’t go to the right spot, just call 844-769-2667, email mortgages@simplicity.coop, or stop by either location and we’ll get you to where you need to be.

What will happen to the Thomas House building?

Our beautiful historic building will still be full of helpful Simplicity folks!

To make room at our Upham Branch, our Executive Management Team (EMT) will settle into their own new home at the Thomas House. (You can learn more here.)

They’ll join the Simplicity team members from Human Resources, Compliance, Accounting, Operations, and Exclamation (AKA: our Marketing Team) to keep the building warm, happy, and full of life.

Do you have more questions for us? Email us at marketing@simplicity.coop, and we’ll add your question (and our answer) here.