The Simplicity CU Administrative Office at the Thomas House

Long Name, Awesome People.

When Simplicity CU bought the Thomas House building in downtown Marshfield, we were a growing team looking for a home in the heart of a community we love.  

Opened in 2018 to house our Marshfield Mortgage Team, our next chapter in this historic building begins in February of 2024 when we welcome our Executive Management Team (EMT) to their new offices and bid a fond “See you soon!” to our Mortgage Team as they move back to our 222 East Upham, Marshfield branch.  

The EMT joins other Simplicity Teams in the building including Human Resources and Training, Compliance, Accounting, Operations, and our Marketing Team, Exclamation.  

There’s plenty of space to park when you visit the Administrative Office at the Thomas House!

For up-close-and-personal parking you can enter the one-way alley that runs to the east of the building either from the Soo Line parking area or from East 2nd Street and park in one of the spaces reserved just for you.

Want to take a little stroll? There’s more parking in the City of Marshfield Soo Line Parking area. You can access it  from either direction on South Maple Ave. and park for free for up to three hours.


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Also at the Thomas House: Our Friends at Exclamation!

When everyone (and we do mean everyone) is competing for attention, how do you know your voice will get heard?

Start with the award-winning Marketing team that will take the time to (really) understand your business. We’ll deliver unique and innovative design, photo, and video that will get eyes on the great work you do.

From there, the sky’s the limit.

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