New Adventures In Neillsville

After three years in our current location at 113 W. Division Street in Neillsville, we are unveiling plans to build a larger office that helps us expand accessibility for members in Neillsville and the surrounding areas.

The new Simplicity CU branch in Neillsville will feature a larger lobby, more space for the lending team, and a drive thru that will improve the flow of branch traffic and give members improved accessibility.

Our Neillsville Branch Timeline (Right Now)

Sure, we didn't have a ton of information when we made our official announcement, but it's worth checking out. We shared it on our blog in September 2022 and you can click here to read it

We broke ground on March 20th, 2023 and now construction can get rolling. See the press release here.

As you can imagine, it'll take a minute to build an awesome new home so we'll do our best to keep this info up-to-date and keep you in the loop. 

So far we know it will be lot of work but it's so totally worth it to make a great place for our Neillsville members. laugh

It's all well and good to have a branch building, but you need some of the awesome members of the Simplicity CU Family to do the hard work once it's open, right?

We've already got some smiling faces at our current Neillsville office, but we'll be adding members to the team as we get closer. 


A lot has to happen before we get to welcome you into our new home, so keep an eye out for updates!

It's probably something really cool, but it seems like it's SO FAR in the future... Will there be cake? How about balloons? Maybe. Probably. wink 


Right now we plan to be open in the Fall of 2023. Watch this space or follow us on Facebook for updates. 

Good question! Our new location will have a drive-thru and more lobby space but our current office at 113 W. Division Street in Neillsville is small but mighty.

You can do almost anything you would do at a big branch, like open accounts, deposit and withdraw checks and cash, get help with budgeting, apply for loans… you know what? There’s not much you can't do in Neillsville that you can do at our bigger branches, so, if you have a question before you come, you can call our Call Center team at 844.769.2667, and we’ll help you out.