Why Change Our Website?

Ooooh, to answer that question we have to take you on a journey into the past. Back to the turn of the century…You know, like, 2001?

Back in the day, when a lot of small businesses – like us – started HAVING websites, we treated them like a giant ad in the newspaper. Almost everything we wanted people to see was right there on the front page. So, when people asked for more, we added it, always thinking that the thing people wanted was to have it right there when they reach the page.

Just like the one spot on the kitchen counter where we pile stuff that doesn’t have another place to go, eventually it got to be too much. We had to clean it up.


We organized things in a way that seemed pretty logical to us. Things that seemed to go with other things went together and lived on pages that we made for them and we felt (and we hope you felt) like that worked.

Flash forward to today.

Our webpage isn’t just a place to dig around and find some cool and useful information. You come there to GET. THINGS. DONE. Right?

Of course!

So, we’re redesigning our navigation to help simplify that whole Getting-Things-Done process for you.

For example: You want to borrow some cash? Heck Yeah! Just look for the tab labeled “Borrow”. You want to learn more about Simplicity CU? All the coolest people do. Just click on the tab that says “Learn”.

See? Easy, right?

And not just for you! By making it insanely simple to find what they need we think more of our friends and neighbors are going to see what we’re all about and realize – like you already have, you smart cookie – that they’d be happy joining the Simplicity Family. That’s cool, right?

Now that we’ve explained ourselves in the best way we can, we want to hear from you! What do you look for when you come to our, or any other Financial’s website? (We won’t get jealous, we promise.) What do you love about the experience? What gives you heartburn? What else do you want us to know as we work to make our site better for you? Email your feedback to Marketing@Simplicity.Coop.