What We Did on Your Summer Vacation

Listen, as hard as it is to believe, it’s almost September.  

We’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

Yes, it’s unbelievable that the summer is almost over. No, we do NOT know where the time goes.

Here we are, though, like a bestie on the first day of school, ready to tell you ALL about all the fun we had on our summer vacation. Except it wasn’t vacation, it was us working.

Except it doesn’t FEEL like work when it’s this fun.

Except ... you know what? Let’s just talk about it.

The premier of The BESTIE eNewsletter  – May 28th

Oh YEAH! This is super cool! Right as the summer kicked off, we were kicking off a brand-spankin’-new eNewsletter made exclusively for the people (You, probably.) who are hard core fans of what we do and want more content.  Our first issue hit inboxes at the end of May and we’ve been sending that bad boy out monthly – and building an amazing bunch of loyal subscribers – ever since.

What can you find in the BESTIE? Oh, you’ll LOVE IT! We crawl through our back catalogue of the best (most interesting, most fun) Blogs, Podcasts, Video, etc. and bring it straight to our fans. There might be awesome stuff that they missed, there might be things they saw and want to see again, there definitely will be new and never-seen-before content in every issue to keep them coming back.

Dairyfest Parade – June 2nd

What’s more fun than a parade right at the beginning of summer? How about towing an inflatable bouncy house (complete with bouncers) down Central Ave. in Marshfield flanked by Simplicity Teammates passing out string cheese and inflatable cows?

Yes, that’s all a little weird, but so are we, and we’re ok with that.

We love this event because not only does it celebrate June Dairy month in a fun and noisy way, it’s also a great shout out to hard-working, local dairy farmers who keep the Dairy State moving forward. Plus we get to sharpen our badly underutilized float making skills. Win-win-win

Saint Vincent De Paul Community Garden – June 13th

We want to be nice and spare you the ‘we’re a growing business’ puns here, but we also don’t want to ‘leaf’ you out in the dark (soy, not sorry). This summer some members of the Simplicity CU team have been donating serious sweat equity to plant, weed, water, and harvest a community garden in Downtown Marshfield.

The garden started as a special project of the Credit Union Development Educators (CUDE) on our team and the produce is being donated to the Saint Vincent De Paul food pantry to provide fresh, healthy options to people in the Marshfield area.

Want to know more about the CUDE program, why it’s amazing for CU professionals, and is making the world better? Click right here.

Mortgage Center Ribbon Cutting – June 28th

Wow, this one seemed like a long time coming! We’ve been settling in to our Thomas House building since spring and we finally had the chance to celebrate our new home with our friends and neighbors.

How do we celebrate? With pizza and beer on the patio, obviously.

Farm Tech Days – July 10th – 12th

Add taking tickets and stamping hands to the long and impressive list of skills on the Simplicity CU Team!

Some of the crew had the chance to meet, greet, and stamp just a fraction of the thousands of Farm Tech Days attendees at this year’s event.  

Chaps Night – July 11th

Nothing says “Summer Fun” like a night out at the ballgame, amiright??? This marked the second annual Simplicity CU night at the Jack Hackman Field as the Marshfield Chaparrals took on the Plover Pterodactyls and what a night!

One lucky fan even got to walk away with a literal jar full of cash!

Stevens Point/Plover Member Appreciation Day – July 25th

Hey, this is Central Wisconsin, we know brats and there’s nothing at all like a brat fry to bring our friends and neighbors out.

We spread the love to our Portage county members in July (following up our Marshfield Brat fry in June) and grilled up SO MANY brats and hot dogs! It’s always a great day for our team and our members to get together over some grilled sausage and enjoy the sunshine.

Special thanks to our current and former board members who came out to help grill and serve!

Celebrate Plover – July 28th

You guys, this is BY FAR one of our favorite events in Portage county. Not only does it give us a chance to talk to SO MANY people on a summer Saturday, there’s great food, music, and the day ends with fireworks. FIREWORKS.

Simplicity Stevens Point and Plover teammates spent the day at Lake Pacawa Park alongside other Plover businesses schmoozing, meeting nice folks, and generally having an amazing time.

Family Zone/Chalk-a-Palooza – July 28th

How about another first-time event for 2018?? Sure! Why not!!

This year we partnered with the Marshfield Public Library and Main Street Marshfield to bring some family fun to Hub City Days in Marshfield. With a scenic view of bouncy houses in the library parking lot we set up our own FREE (really) Kiddie Carnival games on one ½ of the Soo Line parking lot near the Thomas House.

On the other side, we made tons of room for our first every Chalk-a-Palooza chalk drawing contest. Even though it was just the first year, we had awesome participants – some who pre-registered, some who got talked into it that day – and gave away prizes in Junior and Big Kids categories for Best of Show, Funnest Team, Most Creativity, and more.

But it doesn’t stop here!

Sure, our summer fun might be over for now, but we’ve got a lot more to look forward to! Halloween is right around the corner – we know, right? – and you can bet we’ll be part of the Downtown Marshfield Trick-or-Treat fun. Or you might see our team at the Trivia Unplugged event put on by CREATE Portage County in September.

PLUS, as the weather cools down, we go into serious planning more. You know all those great events we just talked about? We’ll start planning (and budgeting) for them again before the snow flies and you can bet summer 2019 will be even more epic!