There's SO MUCH Happening With FinEd!

There’s always something happening with the cool people that handle our FinEd so we wanted to bring you a taste of what’s going on this month.

Let’s start here: We do a ton of FinEd for all ages because we think it makes the world a better place. In the schools, in the branches, maybe in the cereal aisle at the grocery store if you catch us at the right time, we’re always ready lay down some knowledge for our friends and neighbors.


(Yes, we are ‘all-caps-and-two-exclamation-marks’ excited). We’ll be opening our Nasonville Elementary School branch for another school year on October 10th and we’re ready for an amazing year.

Wait! You didn’t know about our Nasonville branch? Oh, buddy, this is the BEST!

Every fall we recruit some smart, talented, hard working 6th graders to run a (deposit only) branch once a week on Wednesday mornings right in the lobby of their school. The students handle deposits, prizes, and marketing and are our top cheerleaders when it comes to teaching their classmates to save.

Kids earn prizes for making deposits into real, honest-to-gosh accounts that they keep using no matter where they go in life. PLUS, Simplicity CU has a standing challenge to the kids that if they can collect a total of 500 deposits (no matter how big or small) we’ll donate $500 that the school can use for whatever they need.

So, if you or a tiny human you know is a part of the Nasonville Elementary School community, don’t forget that Simplicity CU is right there too.


(We’re still excited, and we can’t hide it.) Early this summer Ada, a student at Pacelli High School in Stevens Point, joined the Simplicity Family thanks to the Youth Apprenticeship program. She’s an amazing addition to our team in Stevens Point and a great reminder of why we’ve loved working with the Youth Apprenticeship program for as long as we have.

Youth Apprenticeship matches high school students with willing employers in their field of interest and gives them a real-world chance to see if they want to do what they THINK they want to do when they get out of school.

We’re still looking for a Youth Apprenticeship candidate for our Marshfield team so if you or someone you know would fit the bill, contact a guidance counselor today for more information.


(You know who’s excited about these? Teachers who need Financial Education curriculum and don’t know where to turn to get it.)

The Simplicity Team offers FREE (really) classroom presentations for all ages on just about any FinEd topic you can think of. Budgeting? Yes! Borrowing? Sure! Spending/Saving/Sharing? Yupperoonie!!

We can do all of that and more. In fact, let’s make a deal, ok? If you’re a teacher, student, or parent of a student – or teacher, too, we suppose – and you have a hair of a glimmer of an idea about something FinEd you’d like to see presented in your school, drop us a line at CallCenter@Simplicity.Coop and start the conversation. Chances are that we have a presentation ready to roll. If we don’t, let us pick your brain and we’ll come up with something amazing. Sound good?

In fact, let’s extend that to all of our friends, ok? We’re here to be your resource for all things FinEd, no matter your age. If you’re in our membership area and your group or organization is looking to offer real-world-really-useful education at club meetings, networking events, or staff meetings, let us know. We’ll build the right presentation to fit your needs and offer it at the wildly underpriced cost of “Totally Free”.

Contact us for more info at CallCenter@Simplicity.Coop or call 844.769.2667.