The Simplicity Show Ep. 33: Where Did the Internet Come From?

In this episode, we put on our thinking caps AND our … um… learning socks? .. and invited our friends from IT into the bunker for a chat.

We talked about the origins of the internet, where the technology intersected with our personal timelines, and why we owe it all to Nicola Tesla. And then things got an acceptable amount of weird.

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Here are links to our research. The must be true, they’re on the internet:

The Wikipedia entry about ARPANET

The Wikipedia entry about Y2K

(Isn't Wikipedia awesome?)

An Internet History Timeline

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Update: Mike is one of the smartest guys we know and he sent us this message with a correction the day after the podcast was published. This is our way of saying we appreciate his attention to detail and we know you all forgive him if he misspoke.