The Simplicity Show Ep. 27: The Writing We Do

What do you have to do to make our Simplicity Show co-host/Head writer on our Marketing team SUPER nervous? EASY! Just ask her a ton of good questions and make her formulate smart thoughts without hiding behind her trusty keyboard!

For another in the ongoing series where we interview ourselves (which we can all agree feels weird, right?) Vince brought the questions and Sue was on the hot seat. We talked about the hows/whys/and wherefores of the Simplicity CU Brand Voice, the differences between writing for your job and writing for yourself, and offer some tips for aspiring writers of all kinds.

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Useful/self-promoting links:

Here’s Part 1 of the Cheesecurd Blog we talked about. (Just like cheesecurds, you should consume as many as you want.)

Sue suggests any aspiring (or current) writers pick up these two books (these are links to by them on Amazon, but pick them up at a local bookstore if you can. #keepitlocal)

The Elements of Style

On Writing