Simplicity CU Named Among the Best Credit Unions to Work For

We can’t lie, we’re pretty stoked that today we got to issue a press release that says:

“September 18th, 2018 Marshfield, Wisconsin – Simplicity Credit Union has been named one of the Best Credit Unions to Work For in the United States by Credit Union Journal.

It’s no surprise to the Simplicity CU Team that employee benefits, equitable policies, and solid HR practices make for a healthy work environment, but that’s not the whole story. In fact, those things only make up 25% of the possible score awarded by Best Companies Group, the third-party research firm that assisted Credit Union Journal in selections for the Best Credit Unions to Work For. The other 75% of a Credit Union’s score came from a confidential employee survey that weighed employee’s feelings about topics like recognition and employee appreciation, unique perks of the job, fun in the workplace, and why they love to work for their employer.

As of June, 2018 there were more than 5500 Credit Unions in the United States. Simplicity CU ranked 5th in their asset size and 22nd nationwide in the annual Credit Union Journal survey.

Being encouraged to volunteer in their communities, a family atmosphere, and special events like a 2017 solar eclipse viewing party are among the reasons Simplicity Team members say they like to work there.

‘We know that our workplace culture is incredibly important.’ says Katy Zaleski, VP of Human Resources, ‘The investment of time we make in fostering a great culture is one of the smartest investments we make.’ ”

Isn’t that AWESOME??

Ok, we’re being Credit Union Nerds right now and maybe you need us to back up and explain a little more.

The Credit Union Journal is a national publication that’s known for shining a light on the best of the best in the Credit Union movement with a goal of making us all better. Don’t worry, we know it might not be your go-to for light reading, but they do give us a lot of great ideas for making your life better.

Now we’re there, alongside other United States Credit Unions, proving that we have cool ideas too.

And we’re not just excited about the bragging rights, either. Knowing that we’re building a great place to work means we’ll keep attracting talented people to work here. Having smart, talented people at your CU means you’ll get the experience you deserve, every time.

See that? That’s called a Win-Win, Friend, and it’s pretty much our favorite.

Want to learn more and see what other Simplicity CU and other members of the CU family are doing to be great places to work nationwide? You can see more here at the Credit Union Journal online.