Simplicity CU Announces Nick Faber as New CEO

March 1st, 2021 Marshfield, Wisconsin – Simplicity CU is very pleased to announce that Nicholas Faber, formerly Simplicity’s Chief Financial Officer, has been selected for the role of Simplicity CU’s President/CEO.

“Simplicity CU has such a great team and supportive board.” says Faber, ”I’m excited about the opportunities we have to continue helping our members and making a positive impact in our communities.”

After graduating from UW-LaCrosse with honors with a double major in Accountancy and Finance, Mr. Faber worked in public accounting for 10 years before being chosen, in 2018, to serve as Simplicity CU’s CFO and lead the Accounting, Compliance, and Data Analytics Team.

Since joining the Simplicity Team, Mr. Faber has distinguished himself with a detail-oriented and member-focused approach to the financial direction and risk management of the organization.

After working largely behind the scenes for the credit union, Mr. Faber is looking forward to the changes his role as CEO will bring. “This will allow me the opportunity to get to know and work with our members in a new way and I’m really looking forward to that.” He says.

Mr. Faber’s new leadership role began March 1st, 2021 as he was handed the reins of the Central Wisconsin credit union by Kelly Korth, Chief Experience Officer, who has served as Interim CEO since early 2020. Former CEO, Patricia Wesenberg was granted an extended leave of absence to focus on her health in January of 2020 and formally stepped down later in the year.