Free Stuff is Awesome Part 2: Featuring Your Resolution to Save Serious Cash

2017 has made its debut and all of your friends and family are posting Facebook updates on their New Year’s Resolutions and their Gratitude Journals.

That’s all well and good but you know the real deal. You know that the best changes to make are the ones that save you gobs of money all year round. Look at the big brain on you!

In our second installment featuring Totally Free and Seriously Cool perks and discounts, we’ll look at a few timely resolutions you can make thanks to your friends at Simplicity Credit Union.


Resolution #1: Get Your Taxes Filed Before the Last Possible Minute

Hey Friend, we get it. It can be a major pain getting all of those 1098s, and W2s, and whatever other mysterious forms in one place. Not to mention taking the time to make an appointment or talk your brother-in-law into handling it for you AGAIN. It’s easy to see why you put it off every year.

This year you’re going to master this thing with Turbo Tax! Members of Simplicity Credit Union can prepare, print, and e-file both state and federal 1040EZ or 1040A using Turbo Tax’s simple and intuitive interview style program for FREE. Filers that need more complex forms can file with major discounts too, plus get live onscreen help from a tax professional.

Visit our Turbo Tax landing page for more information and get your taxes done early this year.

Resolution #2: Take Control of Your Finances, For Real This Time

There’s no doubt in our minds that you deserve to treat yourself. You’re out there every day doing your best and sometimes a fancy-shmancy cupcake with whip cream or a six pack of imported beer is just what you need. You also deserve to be able to sleep through the night without wondering how you’ll make it until next payday.

Budgeting is the key to having your cake, eating it, and then being able to sleep soundly when you’re all done too. Simplicity Credit Union offers free Financial Coaching with our Certified Financial Counselor that will get you and keep you on track in 2017 and beyond. And don’t think you have to be in serious financial trouble to take advantage of this free service. We’re committed to helping all of our members navigate the rough and scary wilds of money management.

Resolution #3: Save for Retirement (or whatever you want) With Zero Effort

When was the first time you heard something like “put a little money away every week” or “pay yourself first”? When you got your first gig flipping burgers in high school? Right out of college?

No judgement from us, friend. It’s a great idea, but how often do they go on to explain just exactly how you’re going to tuck money away when it all seems to be spent before you can earn it? Not very darn often. And research shows that on the average your financial position may be more fragile than you expected it to be so it’s time to give this another look.

Good thing for you that you’re a member of your local Credit Union because we have just the thing!

Through Online Banking you can set up a re-occurring, scheduled transfer to move money out of your spending cash and into a savings account. Even a small transfer every payday moves you in the right direction to becoming a super-smart savings expert with the nest egg to show for it.

Want to take this to the next level? Open an IRA and start saving for whatever you want to do once you don’t have to work for a living. If you put away $100 a month starting when you’re 25 (that’s just one skinny-mocha-chino and a nice dinner a week) and earn just 1% on it you’ll have almost $70K tucked away when you retire for that post-retirement summiting of Mount Everest. That’ll cover airfare, new gear, and a qualified Sherpa for sure.

You need to save, no matter what you’re saving for, so let Simplicity Credit Union help make it easy!

You might think that by now we’ve run out of Awesome Free Stuff to toot our own horns about, but keep watching our blog. There are still more Totally Free and Seriously Cool perks and discounts you’ll love!