Free Stuff is Awesome Part 3: Featuring Real Control with Card Valet

First, the Old News: Debit Cards are a convenient way to have access to your spending money almost everywhere without having to carry gobs of cash. A lot of us can’t even function in the real world without that handy piece of plastic.

Still, as handy as it is, there are some things that always made using a Debit Card feel a little risky. Like, what if I lose my card at that cool little flea market two hours away from home and I don’t want to sit in the parking lot on hold with the card company in the hot sun? Or what about those weird charges that popped up on my account that I didn’t see until three days later when my account was already overdrawn? OR what about if I have a really really bad day at work and I’m tempted to indulge in some serious retail therapy even though I know I should save the money until payday?

Hey, we get it, life throws curveballs.


That’s why we’re here to tell you about another Totally Free and Seriously cool perk of being a Simplicity Credit Union member: Card Valet!

No matter what kind of spender you are, Card Valet will help you keep your Debit Card under control.

The Out-And-About Spender: You’re an open-road, wind-in-your-hair, on-the-go kind of person and nothing is going to break your stride. Great news! Card Valet is calling “shotgun!” and coming with you. Download the app to your mobile phone and you can keep track of your Debit card transactions from wherever the road takes you.

Plus, you can set customizable alerts so you can keep living in the moment and let Card Valet keep track of your card activity for you.

The Constant-Chaos Spender: Were you supposed to be somewhere right now? You’re actually late already, aren’t you? Hey, friend, that’s ok, you’re too much fun for anyone to stay mad at you for very long.

You’re also smart enough to know that sometimes you have to settle down long enough to take a look at your spending and make sure it’s all on the up-and-up. For the in-between times, Card Valet has you covered. The app keeps an eye on your card and can send alerts on your activity. That way if something funky pops up on your card (like this) you can see it right away and start the dispute process.

The Emotional Spender: Hey! You got that big promotion!! Why not buy some shoes to celebrate?

Aww, you had a huge fight with your guy or girl. Sooth that pain with some new shoes.

WHAT? Your absolute favorite character on that TV show actually faked their own death? You know what that means? CELEBRATORY SHOE TIME!!

If this is you, sometimes you really appreciate a friend who will help you curb your impulse buying, right? Card Valet is that friend. You can set spending thresholds for specific merchant types and locations, turn your card off (and back on again), and help yourself stick to your budget right from the app.

Ready to take control? Learn more and download the Card Valet app here.