Credit Unions: The Cheese Curds of the Financial Industry [Part 2]

Welcome back! You’ve made it to Part Two in our series where we’re making the (pretty air-tight) case that Cheese Curds and Credit Unions have a lot in common. If you missed Part One we suggest you indulge in a little binge-reading (which is totally a thing we just made up) and go there first.

Ready to roll? It’s time to talk about why we love squeaky things and you should too.

Part 2: Cheese Curds are best when they’re squeaky.

Listen, we’re your friends, and normally we’re not going to suggest you eat something that talks back, but hear us out: The absolute best way to eat a Cheese Curd is fresh from the dairy store, when they’re still warm, and it’s all because of the SQUEAK. Smart, sciency types might ruin the experience by telling you that the distinctive squeaky sound they make when they’re fresh is due to the air trapped inside them when they’re most porous. We think those people should just fill their mouths with cheese curds and stop being gross.

But let’s get back on track. Just like a fresh, yummy Cheese Curd, Credit Union members get the chance to have their say. We live by principle of “One Member, One Vote”, and that means whether you’re just starting out with just enough to open your first account, or you have so much money you swim in it cartoon-duck style, your voting power is the same.

Add in the fact that Credit Unions welcome everyone, no matter their nationality, race, religion, political affiliation, or gender and it’s easy to see that your local Credit Union is going to make sure your voice – and your vote - is heard.

What do you do with that vote? Well, for starters, you have the chance to elect an all-volunteer Board of Directors that oversees your Credit Union and makes sure they’re making the right choices with your hard-earned money. And unlike the mysterious origins of the perfectly square “cheese” slices in your fridge, Credit Unions have board members are certified-locally-sourced and actual members of your Credit Union and your community. That way you know they really care about what’s happening here at home.

And just like the pure joy we get from the squeaky Cheese Curd, the way that the members are really, truly in charge if their Credit Union is a largely undiscovered wonder. Even our loyal and amazing members sometimes don’t realize how powerful their voice can be.

Our advice? Don’t make your Credit Union guess what you and your neighbors want or need from them. They’re pretty smart, you guys, and they’re always going to do their best, but no one knows that better than you. Pay attention to your statements, read their Blog (insert shameless self-promotion here), follow them on social media, attend the annual meeting, and when the time comes to vote, be there.

In other words, be deliciously squeaky. 

Next Time: Cheese Curds Just Want You to be Happy.