Another Reason You Can Brag About Your Credit Union

We hate to brag..

.. unless it’s about our fantastically savvy members and all of the smart choices they make, OR our awesome team and the cool things they do every day, OR about the amazing communities we serve and our friends and neighbors..

Ok, you know what? We actually love to brag.

And we have something new to brag about.

That dapper gentleman is Ben Bauer, our Director of Awesomeness (Marketing), and he’s holding the Diamond Award we received from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council.

The Diamond Awards recognize outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the credit union industry. We won in the Re-Brand/New Corporate Identity category with an entry that featured our new name, new logo, and our brand new branch design.

Why it’s A Big Deal

Ok, everybody likes to win. There’s a chance that we would be introducing ourselves as members of the “Diamond Award Winning Simplicity Credit Union” team if it wasn’t so exhausting to say, but ego aside, being recognized for this award by CUNA is also great for you.

It means that we’ve built a brand that will make people sit up and take notice. We worked hard to find a name, a logo, and a brand-spanking new look to match our desire to make life simple because that’s simply what you deserve. (See what we did there?) We did that knowing that if we picked a brand like “Simplicity” we would have to live up to it if we were going to keep our current members satisfied and attract new members.

We knew that you would hold us to our word and you have. We’re lucky to have members that will not only let us know if we’re not meeting expectations, but will give us the chance to do better.

So, we applaud you, faithful member, and are excited to share this award and our journey to “Simplicity” with you.