Barb, Kylie, and Damion's Story

When we announced our Housewarming Party giveaway in January of 2018, we were really excited to see what would happen. After all, it was the first time we’d done this kind of thing, and there were SO MANY unknowns. Would people pay attention, would they share their stories, would someone PLEASE give us a chance to throw a party where we needed to rent tuxedos?

It turns out the answers to those questions are, in order, Yes, Yes, and Not Yet (but we haven’t given up hope).

Here’s how it all shook down:

We, along with our team of Mortgage Geniuses, encouraged members to share their story right here, on this page, until October 31st, 2018. Once the stories were all collected, we had the awesome opportunity to read them through, learn all kinds of cool-interesting-heartwarming things about the people that trust us to help them buy their home, and then we got to pick a winner!


Well, listen, that’s almost how it went, but we’ll get there.

First, let us tell you about our friend Barb because we’re premiering her story today. Barb is a single mom in Plover, Wisconsin who just wanted her kids, Kaylie and Damion, to have the room to grow. She wanted them to have their own bedrooms (for the first time), a yard to play in, and a real house to call home. Barb works hard, friends, like so many parents do, to balance getting the bills paid and giving her kids great experiences, like their family time at the hockey game.

How could we not throw Barb a party, right? So that’s what we decided to do.

You can see Barb, Damion, and Kylie’s story right here.

Annnnnd… that’s not all. We have another story to share because it’s just too good to pass up.

Later this year, you’ll get to meet our second family of Housewarming winners.

Right, ok, we hear you. We SAID we were going to pick A winner, right? Right.

But the stories were SO GOOD, you guys, and we just couldn’t help ourselves. Besides, we love a great party.

More on that for another time though.

For today, we want you to know that we’re giving away another Housewarming Party with our Mortgage Team in 2019!! You can see the application right here, find out what our Mortgage Team has to offer right here, and stay tuned for more Housewarming Party news in 2019!!