Looking for the leaders who get things done at Simplicity CU? Look no further than our Senior Management Team.

With expertise in every facet of the credit union industry, these fine folks lead the teams that make our member’s dreams come true. 

Nick | CEO | Marshfield, WI


Nick Faber
Upham Branch, Marshfield

Kelly | Chief Experience Officer | Marshfield, WI


Kelly Korth
Chief Strategy Officer
Upham Branch, Marshfield

James | Chief Financial Officer | Marshfield, WI


James Nowak
Chief Financial Officer
Thomas House, Marshfield

Sarah | VP of Service | Marshfield, WI

Sarah Arnoldy
Chief Experience Officer
Upham Branch, Marshfield

Jen | VP of Sales | Marshfield, WI


Jen Stanton
Chief Revenue Officer
Upham Branch, Marshfield

Derek | VP Member Business Lending | Marshfield, WI

Derek Freis
VP Member Business Lending
Upham Branch, Marshfield

Rich | VP of IT

Richard Szabo
VP of IT

Ben | VP of Awesomeness (Marketing) | Marshfield, WI

Ben Bauer
Executive Director, Exclamation (Marketing)
Thomas House, Marshfield

Katy | VP of Human Resources | Marshfield, WI


Katy Zaleski
VP of Human Resources
Thomas House, Marshfield