This is SO TOTALLY the place to get all the details on the Third Annual Chalk-a-Palooza sidewalk chalk event and register a team of your very own! 

When Is it Happening?

July 31st, 2021

  • Check-in/Registration and drawing start at 10am
  • Judging will take place at 1pm
  • Winners will be announced at 2pm
Where is it Happening?

In the Marshfield Public Library Parking Lot (105 S Maple Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449)

How about a whole bunch of rules?

Don't Mind if we do! Check out the official rules at the bottom of this page! First though, why not take a couple of minutes to fill out the registration form below?

Chalk-a-Palooza Registration 2021

This is a family friendly event, so choose a family friendly name, ok?
Even if it's just you, this will be handy for us to know.
For teams with a variety of ages, choose the category that fits the majority of your team members.
In case we need to send any updates ahead of the event or don't want to lose touch with you after.

Prizes (Here's what you really want to know):

 We'll award "Best in Show" prizes in two categories:

$25 for Juniors (Ages 13 and under) $50 for Big Kids (14+) 


Plus five (5) more prizes for being awesome and coming out to have a great time:

  • Team Spirit - wear matching t-shirts, have a team cheer, teach us your secret handshake, etc.
  • Funnest Team - We can tell if you're having the most fun, trust us.
  • Best Team Name - We're partial to 'Teamy McTeamface', but you should choose your own.
  • Most Creativity - Great category, not a creative category name.
  • Most Cooperative Team - For team that best demonstrates a willingness to help other teams and is generally easy to get along with.



Official Rules:

1. Registration is limited to the first 20 teams (because that's how much room we have in the parking lot). Pre-registration isn't required but will reserve your team's space. (Your space will be assigned at Check-in on July 31st.)

2. There's no maximum number of people on a team, but your team has to be able to all fit and work in the confines of the parking space they're assigned. (No walking, storing supplies or personal items, or generally trespassing in other spaces without that team's permission.)

3. We'll provide basic colors of sidewalk chalk but teams are welcome to bring their own chalk in any color. Spray chalk, paint on chalk, and chalk pastels are welcome as long as they're washable and are applied on the ground (as opposed to spectators/other contestants/judges).

4. Teams can add additional flair (non-chalk drawn items) to their entry as long as it fits into their space and can be left unattended for judging. (Please leave your trained grizzly bears at home.) Plan to leave any non-chalk flair in your space until at least 2pm and remove it by 5pm on Saturday. We'll discard anything left when we clean up, so please don't make us throw away your cool stuff.

5. While there are limitations on the horizontal space teams can occupy, the vertical space is limited only by safety and air traffic control. It might seem obvious, but it's probably smart if we tell you not to build any permanent structures on your space.

6. Drawing can begin as early as 10am and will end promptly at 1pm. (We'll signal the official end time so there's no question… maybe with an airhorn.)

7. Teams will be asked to leave the area for judging (maybe go get a snack and relax) and results will be announced at 2pm at or near the Chalk-a-palooza registration area.

8. By registering your team and attending the event you and all members of your team consent to Simplicity CU photographing and/or recording your voices, images, and your contest entry and using them in any media in perpetuity. 

Questions? Contact and we'll be happy to help.