So Many Dates!

The work to bring you a newer, cooler online banking platform is marching on and we’re back with some dates you’ll want to know. (If you missed the announcement about our new online banking, you can see it on our June Blog).

Because of all the great services inside our current online banking, there are a few steps you’ll see below that might not apply to you at all. If you don’t use a specific feature, no worries, you can skip over that info. (Unless of course it peaks your interest and you want to TRY something new, in that case give us a call for more details!)

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Important Things You Want to Know About Your Online Banking

Our team is working on an amazing new online banking platform that we plan to launch in August. We’re excited to tell you all of the details – and there are a lot of details to tell – over the next several weeks, so keep checking back and stay in the loop.

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The Simplicity Show Episode 2: Jason's Financial Advice

We’ve mentioned that having experts around all of the time is amazing, right? It’s awesome.

In this month’s podcast, we sat down with one of our newest experts, Jason Buchinger. Jason is our resident Financial Advisor with Simplicity Retirement and Investment Services and we found out a little about him and how he’s helping our members make the complex simple each and every day.

We are proud to present The Simplicity Show Episode 2: Jason’s Financial Advice.

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Another Reason You Can Brag About Your Credit Union

We hate to brag..

.. unless it’s about our fantastically savvy members and all of the smart choices they make, OR our awesome team and the cool things they do every day, OR about the amazing communities we serve and our friends and neighbors..

Ok, you know what? We actually love to brag.

And we have something new to brag about.

We sent this guy to San Antonio and he came home with an award!

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The Simplicity Show Episode 1: Buying vs. Renting and Other Good Life Advice

We have to admit, having access to smart, capable people all of the time is pretty sweet.

When we wonder things like “Should I buy a house or should I keep renting?” all we have to do is call one of the amazing members of our Mortgage Team and they will take the time to help us figure things out.

Come to think of it, you can do the same thing!

To give you a preview, Vince and Sue from our Marketing Team sat down with Sarah Arnoldy, Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS 720546). She shared some of her expertise and we had a chance to dispel some common myths.

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Free Stuff is Awesome Part 3: Featuring Real Control with Card Valet

First, the Old News: Debit Cards are a convenient way to have access to your spending money almost everywhere without having to carry gobs of cash. A lot of us can’t even function in the real world without that handy piece of plastic.

Still, as handy as it is, there are some things that always made using a Debit Card feel a little risky. Like, what if I lose my card at that cool little flea market two hours away from home and I don’t want to sit in the parking lot on hold with the card company in the hot sun? Or what about those weird charges that popped up on my account that I didn’t see until three days later when my account was already overdrawn? OR what about if I have a really really bad day at work and I’m tempted to indulge in some serious retail therapy even though I know I should save the money until payday?

Hey, we get it, life throws curveballs.

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Free Stuff is Awesome Part 2: Featuring Your Resolution to Save Serious Cash

2017 has made its debut and all of your friends and family are posting Facebook updates on their New Year’s Resolutions and their Gratitude Journals.

That’s all well and good but you know the real deal. You know that the best changes to make are the ones that save you gobs of money all year round. Look at the big brain on you!

In our second installment featuring Totally Free and Seriously Cool perks and discounts, we’ll look at a few timely resolutions you can make thanks to your friends at Simplicity Credit Union.


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Free Stuff is Awesome, Part 1: Featuring Credit Union Travel Club

Let’s be honest here, you’re one smart cookie for being a member of your local cooperatively owned and controlled Credit Union. That goes without saying.

But did you know that the member perks don’t end with competitive rates and smiling faces?

In this exclusive series, we’ll be featuring some of the Totally Free and Seriously Cool perks and discounts you’ve already earned just by being a Simplicity CU member.


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The 3 (Brilliantly Simple) Reasons Your Friends are Using Their Credit Cards this Holiday Season

You have to admit, your friends have some crazy ideas, and that’s part of what makes them fun. We’re not here to tell you that we support ALL of their shenanigans, but they do have some pretty savvy money habits you might want to try for yourself.

Think about your Credit Card Friend. You know, the one that seems to bring out the plastic at every possible opportunity? You might be thinking that there’s no WAY they’re not heading for an avalanche of debt, but there are a lot of good reasons for what they’re doing.


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