Avoiding Fraud for Happier Holidays

Fraud is changing and the holidays are a great (but not fun) time to talk about it. Today’s crooks are focused on doing whatever they can to get their dirty paws on your info. Once they get online and into your account, they can use it to deposit bad checks, make transfers to themselves or their cronies, and even open accounts somewhere else so they can disappear with your hard-earned cash.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to make your holidays happier..

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The Simplicity Show Ep. 35: End of Year Spectacular - Part One

Are you ready for an extra-bonus-sized deep dive into 2019, the goals we set, and the roadblocks we met along the way? Well, you’re in luck, buddy!!

We sat down to record with the intention of starting with a ‘quick update’ and it turned into such a great chat, that we had to see where it led us.

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The Simplicity Show Ep. 32: Are We All Just Improvising?

Watching an Improv troop make the most amazingly funny things up on the spot seems like some kind of wizardry, right? Well, it’s not a magical power (well, maybe a little bit), it takes practice, rules, and discipline.

Learn all about what WE learned this week on the Simplicity Show...

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Simplicity Support Report - October 2019

It's spooky season Ghouls and Goblins, and there is a TON of stuff happening in our community!

Simplicity CU and it's employees LOVE gettin' involved with community support and volunteer opportunities. We're proud of the things we do to help local organizations make where we live a better place, so we put together this blog to share all that info with you!

If you're a community support fanatic like we are, read on to find out what Simplicity is sponsoring this month and how you can help or participate!

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